Abdominal Separation, Diastasis Recti & Surgery

Going to the grand opening of New Fantasyland brought a new outlook on life, but not in the way you might think. It helped me make a decision on what to do with my two umbilical hernias and abdominal separation. I’m having surgery to fix them all. I debated for awhile on whether I should […]

The Ninja Cooking System – An Appliance Rockstar

Whether you are reading this before the Christmas holiday or are reading this in the middle of summer, put the Ninja Cooking System on your gift list. Seriously. Like, right now. I had the good fortune to get a sneak peak at the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System before it hit the store shelves, and let me […]

Protecting Your Baby’s Eyes From the Sun

There are a lot of cute accessories we buy our babies; everything from fabulous hair bows, fuzzy boots and adorable shoes. Yet, one super cute and trendy look is actually beneficial to our growing babies’ eyes: sunglasses. You may think, “Sunglasses in the winter?” Yes! It is not just the scorching rays of a hot […]

Should I Have Diastasis Recti Surgery?

There are two situations that I wasn’t expecting as a result of a Diastasis Recti, Umbilical and Ventral surgery: stopping breastfeeding before I was expecting to, and not having more children. I shared my medical situation and here is the emotional side. Diastasis Recti Surgery For those of you who read the birth story of […]

Why Do I Still Look Pregnant?

{This is a rather long post. Yet, as most of my pregnancy posts this past year, it’s worth reading since it’s like watching a train wreck.} Imagine walking down the street and everyone constantly stops you to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Others smile at you in the elevator and ask when you are due. I […]

Life…supplemented and the WannaBeWell app

I love apps and I love health so when they are combined, it seriously rocks! Like the Life…supplemented | WannaBeWell app. (Free on iTunes!) The gist is that the WannaBeWell app is great tool to remind you to take medications and supplements, like multivitamins. (I seriously wish I knew about this when I was pregnant – […]

Three Things You Should Know about Health Care Open Enrollment and Vision Service Plans

It is that time of year again. Nope. Not when department stores tear down the Halloween decorations and put up the Christmas ones. Nope. Not when your kids are on an amazing sugar high from Halloween candy and you are tempted to steal a piece of candy hoping they won’t notice. (They do.) It is […]

Reebok BOKS Program

For us Boston-based folks, it is amazing that the Reebok World Headquarters are in our area. I visited recently to learn more about an equally amazing program called BOKS Kids. Can you imagine going to work everyday with your own Reebok store from which to shop? An indoor basketall court for some b-ball between meetings? […]

Why You Should Consider MinuteClinic

Last week, I was in New York where I represented BlogHer sponsor MinuteClinic. If you’ve never heard of MinuteClinic, check out my post here. But if you have, but are on the fence about whether you should go, maybe this video will help you make a decision. Note that there is background noise in the […]

The Birth Story of My Baby Girl

I woke up with cramps around 5:15am on the morning of June 20, 2012. Within an hour, I realized I was having consistent contractions spaced about 10 minutes apart. With a routine Ob/Gyn appointment scheduled for a couple of hours later, I figured I would wait until the visit and see what they had to […]

Premama Prenatal Vitamin

There are a lot of indignities in being pregnant, as I have discussed here and here. But one of the things you have to do in pregnancy, that no one tells you about, is to take a prenatal vitamin that makes you want to gag. They are the size of a small horse (only somewhat […]

Sequenom MaterniT21 DNA Test Review

In the past 10 years, there has been copious amounts of genetic research. In fact, when I worked in the Massachusetts Legislature, I assisted in the amendment of a law (M.G.L. Chapter 151B), to provide genetic protections for individuals since genetics would be playing a large role in medical care in the decades ahead. One area […]

New Year’s Goals

(Not Resolutions) To be honest, I kinda loathe the whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing. Maybe because the term is overused. Or maybe because many resolutions are way to lofty (and doomed for failure.) I also hate all of the weight loss pressures too. I’ve noticed the recent influx of weight loss commercials, the Living Social deal […]

Blow-Dry Bar Scene

As someone with curly hair, I love when my hair is smooth and sleek. It seems more style savvy. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks this way, and not just because I have curly hair. Women with all hair types are heading out to new “Blow-Dry Bars”. Blow-dry bars are establishments that […]