New Dad Baby Bonding Tips: How Dads Can Bond With The Baby

After having a baby, one of the adjustments you undertake as a new Mom is your relationship with your husband because this person is now a Daddy – a new role. The role comes with changes on their end too. I spend most of my days taking care of our newborn son (and most of […]

Simple DIY Father’s Day Gift

My kids are finally at the age where they are both interested in crafts. So I took them both to a blogging event at Michaels. The Michaels staff set up the event just like their weekly in-store kid craft sessions. In this session, we created a fun picture frame. Of course, my kids, being 2 […]

Baby Pool

So after having a baby gender reveal party, sharing my various pregnancy stories, and other pregnancy preparations, we are finally in the home stretch. I am due on June 22nd, so I thought it would be fun to have a baby pool! A baby pool is where you guess the date and time that this baby […]