4 Black Blazer Outfits

I think everyone woman should have in her closet the most expensive black blazer they can afford. Look for a great cut, quality fabric and quality stitching, and a classic design, that will take you through the next decade or more. A black blazer is a wardrobe staple and it easily paired with a variety […]

Hermes Birkin vs Kelly: What Moms Should Know

Today I went to the Hermes store in the city. (For those wondering how do you pronounce Hermes, it is pronounced “air-mez”) I have been a big fan for awhile, but I thought I would go to THE source to get some information on the difference between the Hermes Birkin and the Hermes Kelly as […]

Pretty Up Your Panty Drawer

We all have the comfy underwear in our panty drawers. Maybe you have a Victoria Secret stash or a Hanes pile from Target. Get outside your comfort zone and start using those ‘date night’ panties everyday. Better, yet, pick up one of these five pair of panties to create a unique boutique in your own […]

Luxe Up Your Lingerie

As a Mom, you probably don’t often think about your undies and bras. Other than to throw them on in the morning before racing off to school drop off. I think we often think about what to wear on the outside rather than focusing on what to wear underneath. Not only does what you wear […]

When to Use a Clutch and Three Chic Clutches to Consider

I love clutches. There is something so chic and sophiscated when you have a clutch tugged under your arm. As a Mom, however, when the heck do I have the option to be clutch chic? Well, here are three clutches worthy of our Mom life. First, I ADORE this clutch from Jimmy Choo. Granted, the […]

Three Black Leggings Outfit Ideas

Let’s face it, black leggings rock. A super comfortable staple that looks great at the gym or with an oversized sweatshirt. But how can you glam them up? Here are three black leggings outfit ideas where you can pair a black pair of leggings for the weekend, a night out and casual Friday! (Just click […]

Givenchy vs. Louis Vuitton vs. Chanel Bag

I always love perusing forums and seeing what are the latest must-have luxury handbags. With fall and winter arriving, there is also a lot of chatter about colors to wear through the season. Some favorites are the periennal black, but contenders for this season that would look great against a black coat are purple handbags, […]

David Yurman Collection at Lux Bond and Green

As a proud owner of David Yurman jewelry, I can attest to its classic, timeless, yet sturdy, beauty. As a Mom to young children, it is always a blessing to be able to wear a necklace, bracelet or earrings, but even more so when it is an amazing luxury brand. So I was honored to┬ábe […]