Protecting Your Baby’s Eyes From the Sun

There are a lot of cute accessories we buy our babies; everything from fabulous hair bows, fuzzy boots and adorable shoes. Yet, one super cute and trendy look is actually beneficial to our growing babies’ eyes: sunglasses. You may think, “Sunglasses in the winter?” Yes! It is not just the scorching rays of a hot […]

Heart of Haiti and How to Teach Children to Give Back

As a mom to a toddler, we haven’t gotten to the age, or stage, where I’ve been able to share with him my thoughts and actions on social responsibility. Yet, just because he is two, and wouldn’t understand, I can still start setting the foundation in the following ways. Here are my four “T”s: 1. […]

Kid Jewelry Can Be Toxic

If you are a parent of a girl, you know that they love to play dress up and wear jewelry. However, if you shop at Target, Walmart or other low cost retailers, they may be wearing more than just jewelry & may be wearing toxic chemicals too. Since we aren’t about to give our little […]

Giving Your Child Everything They Want

As a parent it is hard not to give your child everything they want. It seems as if I am always saying no. No chocolate. No cheese. No throw. No touch. Luckily he is pretty choosy, so it is not often I do need to say no, even at the toy store, but tonight, as we stood […]

A 2nd Birthday Wish

I cannot believe that two years ago, at this very moment, you made your appearance on this earth. A lot has happened this past year. You started walking then running, jumping then climbing, twirling then dancing, babbling then talking. You went on your elevator ride… and your first plane ride too. Had your first ice […]

Stacey Peasley Children’s Music

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I had the great opportunity to ‘twitterview’ Stacey Peasley; a super-talented Metrowest/Boston-based Children’s Music Performer who recently launched a CD on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. The fact that I got to chat with a professional singer who started her career in the New York-based girl group “The Chiclettes” and has appeared on stages such as the Continental […]

Sunscreen Safety

Here Comes the Sun. For many of us, the summer means long sunny days outside – at BBQs, pools and beaches. Yet, those sunny days can be deadly. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 2 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed each year, while more than 68,000 people […]