Set Sail at Blogger Bash 2016

If you haven’t heard, I am running my 4th Sweet Suite event this year on behalf of The Toy Insider. This year, I am also the team lead for Blogger Bash as a whole – managing all of the attendees, tickets and organizing all the content, in addition to working with all the sponsors for Sweet Suite. […]

Importance of Blogging Conferences

I had the great opportunity to submit a video each week to Blissdom Speaks: part of the Blissdom pre-conference preparations a couple of years ago, with various Bloggers coming together to get excited for one amazing conference that since has stopped. Many of us shared our thoughts, our goals, our dreams and our love for […]

Thinking of Giving Up Blogging? Me too.

It used to be fun. It used to be about friendship. It used to be about connections. Now it is about content rather than communication. It is about foes and not friends. It’s about likes and not love. It’s about analytics and not outreach. These may be similar reasons you are considering in giving up […]

I am Worth Something

At the Social Media on the Sands Conference, there was a speaker named Lori Lorenz from HP. During her presentation, she asked a variety of questions like, who has led a Marketing Team or who has been on a Leadership Team. If the answer was ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, you took one step […]

Ideas Can Be Born From a Typo

I am in Disneyland this weekend. It is the first time I’ve ever been here so I cannot wait to share my ‘in Park’ experiences. However, I wanted to start with a blog post that is not directly park related; although it is from Disney Parks. In actuality, they are lessons and inspirations from the […]

4 Facebook Contest and Giveaway No-Nos

Bloggers and brands are always having a promotion of sorts. Whether it is a sale, coupon offer, contest or giveaway, we do it because it engages our fans, connects with our fans, says thanks to our fans for sticking with us, and gathers more fans. But there are rules and I cannot begin to tell […]

Top Four Electronic Devices for Bloggers

As a blogger, there are four electronic items that I need to have to make my job work easily and seamlessly. 1. A laptop. For on the go blogging. Especially the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. 2. A smartphone. For on the go social media connections. Like the Samsung Galaxy S III 3. A camera. […]

Blogging on the iPad

The biggest complaint I have always had about the iPad is that it is hard to blog. It is fabulous to watch movies, read a book (unless you are outside), tweet, surf, or play games. But blog….no. The issue with blogging is that you often need to insert a video, upload code, attach a photo, or add […]

Making Your Blog Functional

Top Tips for Blogging on WordPress As mentioned in my recap of the Wordcamp Conference in Boston, I sat in on a session where the focus was on making your blog social (see my post here) and then I sat on a panel about making your blog functional. Not regarding post content, but about the functionality […]

Blogging Conferences

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Conferences I have been fortunate to attend several blogging/social media related conferences this year; at times as a speaker and at times as an attendee. All in all, I am a Blogging/Social Media Conference newbie, but it was immediately clear when I walked into the opening keynote at […]

Brands, Bloggers and Conferences

The SheCon Conference was the reason for my first trip to Miami, and the Shelbourne South Beach Hotel was the home base during my brief stay.  I say brief because within 24 hours of my arrival, I was booking my departure. While I met some amazing bloggers and brands, the overall impact of my trip […]

Top 5 Legal Tips

Many conferences have tracks for the four areas of blogging: business, technical, social and emotional. Yet, legal concepts impact all of them. Conferences like Bloggy Boot Camp understand that legal issues are part of the whole blogger business picture, but if you weren’t at the Boston event or need a quick recap of our Legal […]

The Beginning of a Blogger

This time of year is perfect for reflecting. I recently reflected on my entry into the Blogosphere, but I also want to reflect on my new role as a full-time Blogger. In early 2010, I left my job at the end of my maternity leave, and landed a work-at-home role that was more flexible to […]