The Social Toast is Here

I’m excited to announce that I am going to be a hosting a show called The Social Toast on Mom TV. Social Toast is a dry look at all things social; taking a slice at everything from, “What Not to Do on Your Blog” and “How to Rock Mom Jeans!” to “How to Prepare Your Kids for […]

Video Success in 2012

In the 1980s, “video killed the radio star“. According to a lot of posts in the Blogosphere this week about how to be a successful Blogger, video may propel you to being a blogging star in 2012. Great posts came from Blogger Jennifer James of Mom Blogger Magazine where she shared her 15 Mom Blogging […]

Bloggers Aren’t Journalists

When news broke last week about the Blogger having to pay out 2.5 million dollars in a lawsuit, you can just imagine the online buzz that ensued. It stemmed from a case where a federal judge said the Blogger would have to be working for a mainstream media organization in order to qualify for protections […]

Are you accurately listed on Foursquare?

If you are a small business, there is a lot of talk about having a business presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. There are lots of seminars teaching you strategies on searching for mentions of your business on Twitter so you can respond to comments via Tweet, or to review your stream on Facebook to […]

Top 5 Legal Tips

Many conferences have tracks for the four areas of blogging: business, technical, social and emotional. Yet, legal concepts impact all of them. Conferences like Bloggy Boot Camp understand that legal issues are part of the whole blogger business picture, but if you weren’t at the Boston event or need a quick recap of our Legal […]

To Whom it May Concern

Dear Apple, BestBuy, Radioshack and Ritz Camera. I would just like to point out that I am a Mommy Blogger. While I hate the term, and it is very limiting as I am much more than that (both as a Blogger and as an individual), it is a fitting classification for my particular point in […]

The Beginning of a Blogger

This time of year is perfect for reflecting. I recently reflected on my entry into the Blogosphere, but I also want to reflect on my new role as a full-time Blogger. In early 2010, I left my job at the end of my maternity leave, and landed a work-at-home role that was more flexible to […]