Drool Baby Expo by Magic Beans

I am really excited about sharing this post again because, well, it is about a super-awesome high-end baby expo here in Boston. Not New York. Not LA. Here…in Beantown. Aren’t you now excited too? This extraordinary expo called Drool (awesomely clever name) is the brainchild of the locally amazing Magic Beans, in collaboration with Big City […]

Quick Zip Sheet Review

Changing crib sheets can be such a pain! Especially when the mattress is on the lowest setting. Trying to reach in to get the mattress, taking the sheet off and then putting it back on, is a challenge. Then add the fact that us Moms often have to do all of this in the middle […]

Baby Brezza

In my immediate family, there are a lot of babies that are going to be born in the next couple of months. I recently threw a baby gender reveal party to celebrate the pending arrival of our bundle of joy, but my brother and sister-in law are expecting their own bundle shortly after mine. Their […]

Baby Showers for Second Time Moms

If you haven’t been following my blog posts, you need to go here and here because of the cool Gender Reveal Party I’m hosted in-person and online. Which leads me to this post about baby registries. As a soon-to-be second-time Mom, I am pretty sure I’m not getting a shower this time around as very few […]

Gender Guess for Gender Reveal Party

If you haven’t heard about my Gender Reveal Twitter Party, then go and read about it. I’ll wait……………….. Wicked cool, huh? These fantastic companies and people are giving away awesome prizes in this online baby party, where you all are getting the gifts instead of me! (Though I do get to eat a cupcake, which […]

Tiny Love

I love Tiny Love – a baby gear company that gets Mom-hood, and I am so excited they participated in our Gender Reveal Twitter party. I first learned about Tiny Love, like most of us Moms, when I had my first child. The very first thing that we bought was Follow Me Fred; before we bought […]

Punchbowl Electronic Invitations

When I knew I was going to have a gender reveal party, Punchbowl invitations were a must. I thought about paper invitations initially (they can be really pretty and snazzy), but since it was going to be more than just your average party, I knew that static paper wouldn’t cut it with the changing guest […]

Goldenview Ultrasound Review

I recently had a 4D Ultrasound at Goldenview Ultrasound, and while this is a bit of a review, it is also a personal story. Over the past month, I have chatted with friends about an issue that, frankly, I felt ashamed to admit. This pregnancy (and my life) is nothing similar to when I was […]

Happy Baby Food Review

Happy Baby Foods is a great brand that has been a part of our house since my first child was introduced to solid foods, and in about a year, I’ll be introducing baby number two to the same foods. Needless to say, we are huge fans. Not to say that we don’t have other products […]

Citrus Lane

Citrus-y Birthdays Do you know that more American babies are born on October 5 than any other day of the year? Makes perfect sense after you do the math. October 5th is almost exactly 9 months after New Year’s Eve. (You know how crazy some people can get with the party hats and champagne.) So […]

The Similarities Between Puppies and Babies

When I pulled out the puppy books again this past weekend after we picked up our third family dog (first-post baby), I came to the startling realization that these “How-To” puppy and baby books are similar in many ways. After my son was born, I read lots of books about how to have a happy baby, […]

Go GaGa Stuff Sack

Life is messy. The Stuff Sack by Go GaGa gives you the perfect place to stash the mess while you’re out and about. It is odor proof, leak proof, stain proof and waterproof. Plus, they’re machine washable. To use the bag, place the dirty items inside, roll the top of the bag 3 times and […]