I #ChooseKind. Will you?

As a parent, I strive everyday to teach my kids to be open, accepting and non-judgmental. It is not a one-time thing, but a constant teachable moment. However, there was one occasion when my kids caught me crying. Rather than brush it off, and telling them I had a bug in my eye or some […]

How to Get Disney Emojis?

I’m headed on a Disney Cruise in a few weeks and I wanted to message my pending excitement! What a better (and more fun way) of doing that than by adding a Disney emoji to my social media posts! Yet, how do I get Disney Emojis anyway? Turns out in the summer of 2016, Disney […]

Four Fabulous Apps for Adults

While I seem to give my phone to my kids to keep them entertained when the doctor’s appointment runs late or the checkout line is getting longer, there are times that I would like to keep myself entertained in similar situations! So I’ve found four fabulous apps for adults – that are not Candy Crush! […]

Tiggly Toys – Interactive Learning

I love it when my review of toys coincides with my families activities and this new game/toy from Tiggly called Tiggle Words does that! It’s an iPad or Android app that can use objects to create interactive learning. (Plus, Tiggly also has Tiggly Shapes and Tiggly Math, of which the later reminds me of the […]

Slick and Sick: New Sick Bricks

The new Sick Bricks are launching March 12, 2015 in the US and in February in Canada, and they are sick, man! (Okay, I can’t really pull that off) but that is the gist of Sick Bricks, and the best way to describe these Sick Bricks is that they are like Lego, Minecraft, and Skylanders […]

Mobile Health Apps: Care4Today

What is the most frustrating thing that you face as a Mom? Okay, let me be more specific because that question is a can of worms! What is the most frustrating thing that you face as a Mom with regard to your family’s health care needs? For me, it is remembering to go to doctor’s appointments, […]

Disney Storybook Apps on Sale!

Disney has several of its popular Disney Storybook apps on sale this weekend! Stock up for summer travel and school summer vacation!     Finding Nemo Storybook Deluxe – Through engaging narration, authentic underwater sound effects, and original graphics from the Academy Award winning movie, families can explore the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbor, and the […]

Curious George Springs into Spring and PBS Kids Adds Up

After going to a preview event at PBS Kids in Boston, I learned that PBS Kids is more than just a channel on our TV. Granted, it’s a pretty awesome channel that is on several times during the day in our house (Super Why or Curious George anyone?), but it is a whole education effort […]

All About Poop Book and iPad App

We are still trying to potty train our three year old boy. Luckily, I had gotten the heads up that it would be hard to potty train a boy and, geez, were my friends right. While he has potty awareness, and has attempted to pee or poo on occasion, it has been without formal poo […]

5 Must Have Disney Apps for Kids

Spring break is just around the corner and so are trips for Easter and Passover. We always load up our iPod Touch and iPad with apps to keep our preschooler occupied during our travels. Our favorite selections are the Disney Classics eBook apps. What I love about eBook apps is that it is almost a […]