There is a swim trend that has created a corundum for us. With a daughter under the age of four, we have found a diaper discrimination trend in the deep end of public pools. Whether it was on our recent family vacation or at our local lessons, swimming sessions require swim diapers when your kids go for a dip…despite their potty training readiness.

At 3 years of age, our daughter was potty trained, yet until the age of four at our local pool and five at our favorite vacation spot, she is required to be double diapered. As a parent, I can respect the rules and like knowing the pool is protected from accidents and absent minded parents. However, the swim diaper industry is not keeping up with what we parents face.

While I could and can find disposable swim diapers that fit her growing bottom, I was having a hard time finding reusable diaper covers that could do the same. Yet, at a recent event, I stumbled across the swim covers from Bumkins.

Swim Diaper Covers for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I was a big fan of their cloth diapers (and now am a big fan of their snack (aka) makeup pouches), and was excited to learn they have swim covers that go up to 50 pounds for our five year olds that are still required to be covered in the pool.

After putting on a complimentary cover, there was plenty of room for her to grow with the adjustable snaps, and she loved the Wonder Woman theme, since as she claims, it is for grown-up girls. The only issue I have is that the leg openings are a bit tight around her thighs, though I know it needs to be snuck for protection. Yet, it would be nice to see more flex in the fabric in that area. Otherwise, the patterns are great, and the fact that the size is perfect for growth for our older kids.

swim diaper cover for older kids

She often wonders why she need to wear diapers in the pool when she has worked hard to not wear them out of the pool, but least the fun patterns make it something she can look forward to when she goes swimming. (Now, if only I can find a Wonder Woman bathing suit to match.)

So, if you are facing a similar swimming issue, then check out Bumkins reusable swim covers for all your kids! You can find the options on with cute DC Comics themes for boys and girls for around $13 each. And don’t forget to check out the matching wet bags to stash the swim gear post-pool!

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