Swagger Tags are a must have for Camp and travel this summer. It’s not your traditional name tag for a backpack or a suitcase. But a fun alternative for kids and adults alike.

It easily attached to any gear and is water and impact resistant (for those bags for swimming lessons or the beach!). It’s in environmentally aware packeting with recyclable non-toxic plastic and cardboard. There are strong attachment points and cable ties with 3 cable ties for each tag for easy transfer between bags.

Use it on a dog collar, a bike, a bag, a scooter, or a backpack. Where ever you need a tag, and can attach it, use a SwaggerTag!

Swagger Tags copy

It is fun to design your business logo on it to get some free advertising, or instead of your name or address on a luggage (for privacy reasons), pick a fun, identifiable object (like a flower or a fruit). For kids, take a picture and cut it out to put in the tag. Kids love seeing their face and it’s much cooler than their name – especially if they have the same name as someone else in their class!

Or maybe put a picture of something they love, like Lightning McQueen, their sorority logo or team mascot, a favorite pet, or a movie star!

The price is so affordable at $4 a tag, so it’s economical to get more than one! Get one in each of the 6 colors! Give them out as party favors for a graduation party, bar mitzvah, sweet 16, etc.!

Instead of a traditional bag tag for a birthday gift, tie one of these on for a tag that lasts on the birthday present, and is also a great add-on gift for the birthday boy or girl!

So however you give it, how ever you use it, it is a must-have for the summer (and beyond!) Check it out at SwaggerTag.com or Amazon.com

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