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As you can imagine, things have been crazy over here. As a Mom, there is a lot to do when you are going to be laid up for a few days. I could have a whole other post about how most Dads don’t have to worry about surgery preparation, but that is for another day.

Knowing I am going to be pretty lethargic for two days, and with limited mobility for at least a week, I have been on overdrive. While I have people staying with me to help with the kids for a few days (because I won’t even be able to lift my seven month old), it means more people for which to plan around. I will have six people in the house vs. four. That means more food to buy, stocking up on paper supplies and towels, doing laundry, making things accessible, making lists, notifying teachers, making meals, and planning meals.

The biggest stress factor is knowing that there will be others in your house that don’t know your routine or the little nuances: the baby-proofed cabinets, that you need to jiggle the toilet in the upstairs bathroom, that the pants for your three year old are on the right and not the left because the ones on the left are too short and you haven’t had a chance to consign them yet. It is also anticipating the needs of others. For example, I drink one cup of coffee a day, if that. While the Keurig works well for me, my Dad drinks several cups a day and so does my Mom. So out comes the more economical coffee maker (and the coffee, and the coffee filters, and the cups…)

I know I have forgotten a lot of things. Despite my planning, I’m sure I’ll be sound asleep when someone will wake me up looking for toilet paper.¬†In addition to the household supplies and routines, I have also been busy making sure some of my legal affairs are in order. While I hope everything goes well on the day of my surgery, and in the days to follow, you never know. So I want my husband and kids to know how much I love them….and what is my password to my Facebook account.

I laughed at the pre-surgery handbook. It said that in the week leading up to the surgery, I need to make sure to get plenty of rest. Seriously? <Snort> I wish. The coolest thing about this whole mess is that I am going to be under anthestia for six hours. It will be the best sleep I have gotten in months.

All in all, the flurry is no different compared to frenzy that is vacation preparation….minus the suitcases, TSA employees and margaritas on a beach. But after the surgery, I am hoping for some time to be able to catch up on my favorite HGTV shows and not having to clean up after the dogs. That, my friends, is truly a vacation.

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  1. Hugs Char! Everything will be fine. Seriously they will all find their way, just focus on yourself and getting better. Take your favorite robe, slippers and everything you can to be comfortable post-op. Thinking and praying for you! xx

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