Sometimes I think we spend more time worrying about the thought of planning a big summer party, or time worrying about planning a party during the summer, that we wonder where the summer has gone? Isn’t it a better idea to make every day of summer a celebration? Eat dinner outside. Work on your laptop outdoors.

However, if you want to have a pool or beach party, here are the 12 essentials you will need.

Summer Essentials List

Here is what to have on hand for a simple party:

  • DRINKS – A selection of juice boxes, lemonade, water, and soda.
  • SPRINKLER – If you don’t have access to a beach or pool, it is a great way to have fun and cool off at any age!
  • POPSICLES – A summer staple. Everyone enjoys them. For a twist, have a snowcone machine.
  • CHIPS – For easy snacks
  • BUBBLES. Everyone loves bubbles!
summer party essentials

If you have access to the pool, make sure to have floaties for the young ones, a selection of towels, pool toys, waterproof sunscreen, and some swimmer shampoo!

At our summer get-togethers, we talked about must-have summer essentials when we are traveling with the kids. Based on the groups’ feedback, this is what we think parents should have in a backpack at all times during the summer season.

summer essentials

SUNSCREEN, BUG SPRAY, BANDAIDS, SUNGLASSES, HAT, WATER, GRANOLA BARS, ANTIBIOTIC CREAM, ALLERGY TABLETS, TOWEL (for those impromptu stops at the beach or at those splash zones at the local park), BABY POWDER (great for getting sand off legs and toes), and HAND SANITIZER (for all of the dirty playground equipment and kid places because being sick during the summer is no fun!)

And if you want, you can always create little gift bags to have on hand for unexpected summer guests. Just get those little fabric bags at the craft supply store and fill with bandaids, first aid supplies, and sunscreen!

summer party favors

Of course, bubbles is probably also another must-have addition here too. When the kids are fussy – whether at home or on the go, head outside with some bubbles, and all seems right with the world!

summer essentials bubbles 2

Yes, summer goes by quickly but stock up on these essentials I’ve mentioned above – for the day trips, the pool parties, and the backyard parties.


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