Hermes Birkin Bag Sizes and Prices

The Hermes Birkin bags sizes are available in 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50cm sizes. There are also two bigger models, the 45cm and 55cm, which are intended to be used as traveling bags, but these are no longer made.

hermes birkin prices and sizes

hermes birkin prices and sizes

The Hermes HAC is similar to the Birkin and most people cannot tell the difference. This bag comes in 27cm, 32cm and 37cm sizes and features shorter straps. It is no longer made though. But you can find some in the resale market.

Birkin Bag Sizes

Birkin 25cm
Price Approx: $8,000
The smallest of Birkin bags, the 25cm one, appeared in 2004. It remains a popular accessory for evening events such as dinner parties.

Birkin 30cm
Price Approx: $9,000
The 30cm Birkin has proven to be popular in certain markets because it fits more diminutive statures. Great for those looking for an evening bag look or those around 5’2″ or under.

Birkin 35cm
Price Approx: $10,000
The 35cm Birkin is regarded by most as the best choice and remains the most coveted bag from Hermes. For most women, the size is not overpowering, and holds a lot for our busy lifestyles.

Birkin 40cm
Price Approx: $11,000
It’s the size of the first Birkin, made by requirement of Jane Birkin. The 40cm Birkin will always be known as the original design. It is a little too big for most woman but is a great size for a man. Also great for a woman looking for more of a briefcase or a small travel bag.

Birkin 45cm
Price varies per Resale market
The 45cm Birkin was once the biggest model available with two types of a handle and a shoulder strap.

Birkin 50cm
This is now the largest Birkin bag current sold by Hermes. It is clearly a travel bag and only comes in certain leathers. The price is rumored to be around $15,000. Unfortunately I cannot find the actual dimensions. The next time I’m in the store, I’ll ask and update the post.

Birkin 55cm
Price Varies per Resale Market

*Note prices are approximate and do not include sales tax. Prices valid as of 2013. To learn about Hermes Kelly sizes, click here. To see a comparison between the Birkin or Kelly, check out this post.

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