Apple Watch and Hermes

Once upon a time, Apple met Hermès at a Party….

Have you heard about the new Apple® Watch and its partnership with Hermès? I’m strangely excited about this ‘celebrity’ match and the creation of the Apple Watch Hermes!

You probably know about the Apple Watch and you probably have heard of Hermès, but the partnership is unique. I know that Apple sells Kate Spade phone covers, but there are not many ‘name’ fashion brands that Apple partners with. Yet, the fact that Apple partnered with Hermès for the watch makes sense. Sure, they could have partnered with Chanel or Gucci (and who knows, that might be down the line!) but for a watch, you need a watch band and you cannot do much better than a leather band for your watch than Hermès leathers.

If you own a Hermès bag, you know the leathers are the cornerstone of the brand. They began as a leather supplier in the equestrian realm! Their leather bracelets are sought after and a fashion icon when you sport one on your wrist.

I’m not 100% sure if Hermès is actually supplying Apple with the leather or if they are just ‘lending’ its name. I’m presuming, however, with all of the leather Hermès has access to (including the leather remnants from the bags) I’m thinking that it is genuine Hermès leather. Hermès does have to maintain its brand image even if it is on a wrist attached to an Apple Watch.

Also cementing the Hermès brand with Apple are the names of the colors of the leather bands. They are consistent with Hermès personal branded items. The Apple Watch Hermès come in Fauvre (which is a tan), Etain (which is a cross between brown and gray), Capucine (a red), and Bleu Jean (a lighter blue.)

Also, the watch face doesn’t have the Apple name, but the Hermès name in the official Hermès font. There will also be (left to right) single tour version (with a 38 or 42cm face), double tour (with 38cm face), and a cuff (and 42cm face). The pricing will range between $1200 and $1500. These are the same leather bracelet styles in the Hermès stores, further cementing the consistency with the brand.


All in all, if someone was in the market for a watch, and had not delved into the Hermès brand before, this is a great cross branding that might give Hermès new customers. On the flip side, for those fashionistas that want to keep the luxury accessories on their wrist and didn’t want to swap it out for an Apple watch, then this is a way they can have both.

I took a look at the Apple watch this past summer and was very tempted to get one, but there was something missing and so I passed. With this partnership with Hermès, and the updates to the watch software itself (and the focus on the health components it can bring to the user), this may make me pull the trigger on getting one.

But I’ll have to travel to get one. The Apple/Hermès watch is only going to be sold in select locations.

Los Angeles
Apple Store, The Grove
Apple Store, South Coast Plaza
Apple Store, Third Street Promenade
Hermès, Rodeo Drive
Maxfield, Melrose Avenue

Apple Store, Aventura
Apple Store, Lincoln Road
Hermès, Miami

New York
Apple Store, Fifth Avenue
Apple Store, SoHo
Apple Store, Upper East Side
Hermès, Madison Avenue

Are you going to get one?

Thanks for staying and reading my blog post!

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