I dropped out of ballet when I was six, and I have not worn a leotard or unitard since. However, I’ve recently started wearing a unitard. Have I taken up ballet late in life? Nope. But here is why you should wear a unitard even if you are not a dancer and some ideas on how to style a unitard when I’ve convinced you below that you need to have one in your closet.

It is easy dressing. Put it on and throw on a tunic top and you’re done. If the tunic is 3/4 inch sleeves or even short sleeves, the long sleeved unitard keeps you warm in the winter. Plus (I consider this a bonus) the top and bottom match! No worries about the color black on the top matching the color black on the bottom. It gives you full coverage too. Even if it is a deep v-neck cardigan, you can wear it without worry.

I will concede that going to the bathroom is somewhat of a challenge. So if you have an overactive bladder, this might not be the choice for you. Otherwise, it is not too bad of a work around.

Here are some ideas on how to style a unitard. While the pictures don’t show a model wearing a unitard, you can just imagine that it would look good with the camel colored sweater (rather than the white t-shirt underneath), add more coverage with the deep v-orange sweater, or eliminate the worry about the black top and bottom matching when paired with the gray tunic.

Also consider accessories too, like necklaces and scarfs. Plus, any of these outfits would look good with boots or ballet flats (the outdoor kind.)

how to style a unitard

So the next time you are shopping for your daughter’s ballet slippers or walk by a dance store, maybe stop in and see what you can find!

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