I am only three months into being a first time Mom.  I am trying to shed the pregnancy weight, figure out if I will get sleep again in this lifetime, and still gape at someone who asks how I am settling in as a Mom.  Despite it all, I am already thinking of baby number two.

I know, I am crazy.

Add this fact to the fact that I need a “real” stroller (not an infant car seat stroller frame) real soon for my current son.  Thus, I spend my precious free time frantically researching dual stroller possibilities.

At least I know I am not a fan of the double wide or double long strollers.  That eliminates a long list.  I already have enough trouble getting through doors with the car seat stroller frame. Obviously, I am not the only one.  In the past couple years, manufacturers have introduced strollers with “rumble” like seats that enables stroller-challenged moms like me to have a fighting chance through various doorways.

So in my web research, I have come across three possibilities.  The Phil & Ted Sport Buggy ($450), the UPPABaby Vista ($670) and the Baby Jogger City Select ($500).  Each has it pros and cons.  For the sake of a shorter post, I am going to focus on the cons.  (Such a pessimist.)

First, the Phil & Ted Sport stroller (see first picture) does not enable me to use a car seat with the toddler seat at the same time.  It is problematic for me since, to begin with, that is the very dual configuration I need.

Second, the UPPABaby (see second photo) does allow this function (hooray!), but the ‘rumble’ seat requires my first born to ride backwards.  That could be problematic if my son turns out to want to see things.

Lastly, the Baby Jogger City Select (image to the right) does not seem to have a notable flaw.  It has the most configuration possibilities, which is intriguing.  Knowing that I need a dual seat stroller in the future, but not sure of the ‘whens’ or ‘hows’, it enables the future-me to have a lot more options and flexibility.  But it has not hit the market yet so not sure what the experience is like with it.

Some may say, “just buy an umbrella stroller now and worry about a dual stroller later”.  Yes, I could do that, but I rather not shell out $ for a single stroller now just to get rid of it in a year.  Also, if I am going to fork over $$ for one of the three options listed above, I would like to start getting my moneys worth now.  Each enables me to use it as a single stroller immediately.

So I am now weighing the possibilities and hopefully will be able to get out soon to “test drive” the various options.  If anyone has thoughts or experiences with either (or others), let me know.  And if you see a new Mom struggling to get through a door with her stroller, think of me.

Happy Strolling!

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