Are you excited about Star Wars The Force Awakens movie? The United States premiere just took place and celebrities lined the red carpet in Star Wars costumes. However, I’m not one to dress up in a costume, but I am a mega fan, so what is a girl to do? So I came up with these Star Wars The Force Awakens Disney Bounding like outfits. Regular clothes that give off the Star Wars vibe from your new favorite The Force Awakens Characters.


The warrior. From what I can see in the clips, this is not your typical princess. In fact, rumor has it that even Princess Leia is now a General – go Girl Power!! Find light gray or dark khaki pieces – capris and wrap top. Accent with the thick bracelet and boots. Add a fanny pack and you are ready for the movie.

Rey Costume Idea Star Wars The Force Awakens Outfit


The classic fighter pilot. Dark orange is the staple. Add an off-white shrug or short blazer. Then to give a nod to the apparatus around the body, think about cage boots or booties and a wrap bracelet or belt. Then you’re ready for your red carpet walk.

Poe Star Wars Costume Disney Bounding Outfit

Kylo Ren.

Even the dark side needs to be represented in a fashion choice. Black pants and a black top are obvious. Add a long black duster, red scarf and boots. Add a thick, wide black belt to cinch it all together. My favorite boot choice is Christian Louboutin because of the black/red combo, but obviously, any boots will do. Skip the hood and find a more fashionable slouchy beanie hat to give a hint of Kylo Ren’s mysterious karma.

Kylo Ren Costume Disney Bounding Idea


I mean, how could I leave this cutie out of the fashion line up? While there are BB-8 handbags, leave out the cutsy accessories. Just find a shirt with orange accents, and a belt or earrings that have circles. Find earrings that have a pattern similar to BB-8’s design, and toss on a pair of orange flats and everyone will know who you are a fan of in the movie.

bb-8 star wars outfit costume idea

Want to see where I pulled the pieces and see more outfit ideas? Check out my Polyvore page!

Any Star Wars images are owned by LucasFilm/Disney.

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