In the past, I have written a post about my entry into the Blogosphere, and my role from full-time attorney to work-at-home Blogger. Yet, to say Social Media has changed my life would be a major undertweetment. Err…I mean, understatement.

Social Media has become also become a way of life for me. I check in to places I go, I tweet as I wait in a doctor’s office, I upload a photo of my lunch at a local restaurant, I film my family’s vacation not necessarily for memories, but for a blog post. I no longer read romance novels, but about return-on-investment for blogger campaigns. I buy apps that can help me run faster, cook better, shop savvier, and entertain my toddler. I no longer review laws and regulations. Rather, I review google analytics and advanced segmentation. Plus, it is a hootsuite…I mean, a hoot, to meet a lot of tweet peeps and become in-real-life friends.

As many of you know, this fastination for the latest apps, the best shopping sites, the latest gadgets, or the newest social media tools led to the Social Toast, a monthly UStream show about all things in the realm of social media that we launched in April. As the show progresses this summer, my role will be sharing my favorite finds. Not finds like the cutest shoes, the gorgeous sweater, or the trendy vacation destination, but that shopping app that helps you find those cute shoes, or the social media tool that finds the best online prices.

My current favorite find is the revamped BING. When you link your Facebook account, you can see sites or websites that your friends have liked. So if you are wondering if that gorgeous sweater is in fact, gorgeous, BING is a place to go to see if your friends agree. Plus, even if that vacation is trendy, it doesn’t mean you need to spendy-that-hard-earned money. BING/Travel is the only way I book my flights these days.

So perhaps the more appropriate title for this post is not that ‘Social Media Changed My Life’. Rather, ‘Social Media is My Way of Life’. Whether it is personal or professional, as a Mom or as a Blogger, for shopping or social media, it is part of my package.


Thank you to BING Social Search for sponsoring my post about social media. I was selected for this sponsorship because of my love for BING and social media, and by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Image Credit: Photobucket and PRWeb_06_2011

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