Snow Cream Fun

With almost two feet of snow around here, I feel like I am up to my eyeballs in snow. (And based on the snow drift in our driveway, that is literally true.)

With many of us dealing with the second snow day in a row and a looming three day weekend, the question is what to do with it and the stir-crazy kids that often result.

One idea is to make Snow Cream. A great recipe comes from from AllRecipes. For 8 servings, all you need is 1 gallon of (clean) snow (about 16 cups), 1 cup of sugar (more or less to taste), 1 tablespoon of vanilla and 2 cups of milk. Put it in a large bowl. Mix it together until creamy and Ta-Da! Total yummy-ness.

You can add flavors like peppermint oil or cocoa powder. Or you can add ingredients like M&Ms, crushed candy canes, or chocolate chips. Have fun with it!

It is a great, and easy way, to get the kids involved. They can get the snow and help add the ingredients, which are safe to handle. Have them play around with ingredients to see what unique flavor they can come up with. For older kids, have them name their new snow cream flavor, and/or sketch a logo or design for their snow cream. For brave souls, set up a snow cream stand in lieu of a lemonade stand and see what happens.

Most of all, enjoy eating it!

Thanks for staying and reading my blog post!

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  1. Our kids love this and always ask for “snow snacks”. We actually add fruit juice to make it like a slushie.

  2. My brother and SIL live in Atlanta and they just posted that they made snow ice cream too! I’m feel deprived b/c I’m stuck with the kind in the box in the freezer.


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