Having a baby in the summer is going to be a new experience for me. My first was born in the late fall in New England, so it required blankets and long-sleeve sleepers, and resulted in very few walks.

I am expecting the exact opposite with this baby who is due any day now. (Update: she is here, and here are the details on her arrival.) So I have short-sleeve outfits, and I’m looking forward to starting my marathon training journey with walks in the early days of July. Yet, a concern I didn’t have to worry about early on, with baby number one, is sun exposure. Since you cannot use sunscreen on babies under six months old, you need other protection products. However, since it is warm, you need breathable options. Catch 22, right?

Well, I checked out a product called SnoozeShade when I was at a baby expo.

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The snooze shade has an SPF rating of 50+ and is made of soft breathable fabric, so it keeps the interior of the stroller cooler on warm days. It reminds me a lot of the performance, wicking fabric in a lot of my workout gear. It also acts as a duel bug protector, and since it blocks out over 94% of light, the shade enables a baby to sleep in the stroller on a bright sunny day. Two other features that sold me were:

1. The fact it comes with a free mesh bag to store the shade so it makes it easier to having on hand in the diaper bag or in the storage compartment of your stroller.


2. It has an elastic grip with velcro ties so it won’t blow off on a windy day or collapse onto your baby.

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The original shade fits most three-wheel and four-wheel strollers, but the SnoozeShade also has a shade for infant car seats and one for taller children. The price range is around $30-$50 depending on the version you receive.

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To learn more about the history of the SnoozeShade and the accolades it has received from around the world, check out SnoozeShadeUSA.com.

I also have an exclusive code that is good for 20% off anything from SnoozeShadeUSA.com PLUS free shipping. The code is CDL20MA and it is good from July 1 to August 31, 2012!

Or leave a comment about what you love about this product and win one of your own! (This giveaway was featured by the Blog Giveaway Directory.) Good luck!

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  1. wow this is definitely a terrific product. wish i knew about it when my August baby was born. I kept him in a lot his first few weeks because of the sun. sheesh, was this even around 4 years ago? lol

  2. Snooze Shade seems like a great idea especially for the heat wave we keep getting in Boston! We didn’t have that back in the day. I think we just used floppy sun hats and kept our kids in the shade when parked.

    I guess I must not have strolled around much outside when it was really hot outside. You know, I can barely remember.

  3. What a great product Charlene! I like that it keeps the interior cooler! We had one sold for our mountain buggy but, I don’t think it kept things cooler inside!

    So glad you are not taking your infant into the high heats we have seen in direct sunlight. I cringed when I saw a several week infant in the direct midday sun at the pool the other day.

    Happy bonding!

  4. this is a great idea. perfect for summer!

  5. this is an awesome product and will be great here in yuma for out hot and sunny summers!

  6. I like how easy it is to use!!

  7. I love the elastic grip to keep it from collapsing in!

  8. Stephanie MacDonald says:

    I love how it keeps the sun out so the baby can sleep! I need this for my daughter!

  9. love this idea! i’m constantly worried about sun exposure and my baby, but my husband and i are constantly outdoors in the summer time. this product seems like it’d be right up our alley. thanks for sharing.

  10. I like that they are easy to carry and pack.

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