I love innovative products. Especially those developed by a Mom who sees a problem and creates something to fix it. Case in point – gunk over your nice fabric-covered chairs. You know the ones. The ones that were nice before you had kids.

If you are in crisis mode, or are biting your nails waiting for the first spill that does the chair in, here is a product to the rescue. Just in time for the holiday parties and the clumsy cousin, the sloppy sister, the…you get the picture.

The product is the SmartSeat Chair Protector. It is a waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable cover for dining room and kitchen chairs.  They are made from a lovely fabric that, unlike vinyl, doesn’t stick to you or squeak when you sit on it. The fabric reminds me of a nice microfiber. So it does not look cheesy, and it discreetly protects your upholstered chairs from stains and spills – without looking like you are trying to protect them. Total bonus.

The product claims that the covers fit almost all styles and sizes of chairs and are easy to use. The creator and owner, Becky, sent me a sample to check out. I tried it on our new dining room chairs. We just got them this fall and will be “breaking” them in on Christmas Day. They are pretty big and have that triangle shape, plus a slightly curved front, which makes it even harder to find a cover that will fit. I have been having mini-panic attacks wondering how to make sure they did not get destroyed during the holiday hoopla.

See, aren’t they lovely?

And I want to keep them that way!! So I followed the SmartSeat Cover directions from the video that Becky created. (Here is the other How To Video for those that have smaller chairs.)

Viola, my protected dining room chairs! Aren’t they pretty?

Now again, with the curved front of our chairs, there is a bit of fabric hanging in the front, but it looked fine to me in person. Every chair is different so you can fold it under, or tuck it another way. The product is versatile that way. Plus, it took me about 20 seconds to put it on the chair. Super fast and fabulously easy. I sat up and down on them, wiggled my butt, and even put my two dogs on the chair to see if it (or they) would slip and slide.

The cover still looked fantastic. (Though trying to get the dogs off the fabulously covered chair was another matter). I also love how you cannot see the straps as they are hidden under the chair. No bows, or knots to contend with either.

So fast forward a bit and let’s say dinner is all done. The covers can be thrown into the wash and dryer. My only suggestion is that since the straps do have velcro, to secure the straps before throwing the cover in the wash so it does not pull the fabric. Just like you would do with baby bibs. (Though the velcro on these covers are a lot stronger!) After I ran it through the dryer, no wrinkles! Bonus! Plus, it folded up small so no bulky storage either.

If you are looking for a solution to cover your chairs, this is it. Plus, if you order by December 20th, you can get them in time for Christmas! They come in three colors: midnight blue, sandstone tan and metro black. The covers are priced around $20 a piece though you can get them as low as $15 if you order 8 or more. So you could get 8 to outfit your dining room or kitchen chairs for those special occasions, or grab a couple to slip under high chairs or toddler booster seats. We used to put an old towel between the our Space Saver highchair and our kitchen chair to protect the fabric from flying, goopy, baby food. <Sigh> I wish I had learned about the SmartSeat Dining Cover earlier. (RIP, Kitchen Chair. RIP.)

Great product, Mom-run and developed business, and affordable to boot = a fabulously ‘smart’ must have.


FYI – The third person who emails me at Charlene@CharleneChronicles.com can get a free midnight blue smartseat cover!

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