Sponsored Post GraphicJockey® sent me a pair of Skimmies® slipshorts to try. It is an alternative to a traditional slip.

While slips may seem something that you wore in the eighties during Easter, or something that your Mom still wears, it should be something more women wear on a daily basis today.

So you don’t have this issue.

Or this one:

Skimmies Shorts

It reminds me of when I was a Brownie in the Girl Scouts in the 80s. (Picture a slip dress that Cindy Brady would wear.) I was crossing the ‘bridge’ to become a Junior Girl Scout when I slipped down the bridge. (Should have had some Skimmies on.)

A slip seems like it might of helped in these situations (err…maybe not my Girl Scout slip-n-slide), but if slips aren’t your ‘thing’ (but neither is exposing your nether regions) then check out the Jockey Skimmies; slip meet shorts.

jockey skimmies shorts

It’s not a compression garment, which is key for those of use that don’t want to squeeze ourselves like a sausage. It is a nice, soft, fabric. It is also great for those of us that don’t want a shoestring up our arse (aka: a thong). I’m 40 now and a lot of things happened down there birthing two kids. It deserves to be left alone.

So the Jockey® Skimmies® slipshorts prevent the panty line without having to fish for your undies in your booty cheeks. (Can I get a hooray?)

It is made up of 85% Nylon, 3% cotton and 12% spandex. Machine washable, but I always suggest line drying to extend the life of any lingerie-like garment. It is anti-static (cling free!) and wicking so it literally can replace your panties. Comes in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and 2XL and in colors right now: black, white, nude, fuchsia, green, and purple. You can find them on Jockey.com or at retailers like Macys, Lord & Taylor, JCPenney and even on Amazon.com.

I’ve been wearing my complimentary pair for three days and they haven’t ridden up, which is usually the case with shorts like these. So I am happy to say that they stay put!

Check out the Jockey Facebook page to win great prizes! Full details can be found here. Through June 20, Jockey is challenging women to “Seize the Day in Skimmies®” through a series of challenges designed to help women push past their comfort zone and experience freedom and spontaneity thanks to Skimmies® slipshorts. Everyone who participates will have a chance to win a free pair of Skimmies® slipshorts and other prizes!

For Skimmies® style tips, outfit ideas and more, see the The Zoe Report. You can also check out Skimmies® in the “Workflow” section of the upcoming August/September issue of Working Mother Magazine!

So slip one of these Skimmies on (in fun colors) and know that you are cool, covered, and collected.

I participated in this program on behalf of Jockey and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

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