In this post, I am imparting the must-have neutral colors advice from my grandmother that has always stuck with me. I did go through a period of rebellion where I threw the rule out the window, but I came back to it because ultimately it is practical advice for a wardrobe capsule.

Not only is her advice sound, but it is also budget-friendly. Who wants to spend tons of money on clothes and bags only to never use them!

She always said that in your wardrobe you should stick with these six neutral colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White/Khaki (depending on the season)
  • Red
  • Navy

Keeping to these six basic neutral colors, you can easily mix and match. For clothes, a navy skirt with a red blouse, a black skirt with a gray blouse, etc. For handbags, having one in each color lets you always have a bag to compliment your outfit. (See my post here on that.) Same with shoes.

Keeping to these six neutral colors lets you build a classic capsule wardrobe. (She basically gave the advice before it was Pinterest trendy, or even before there was Pinterest!)

Then, the next neutral level is what I call ‘Basic Plus”. What most people consider to be in the neutral family, but are one step removed. They are:

  • Leopard Print
  • Silver and Gold and Rose Gold
  • Blush and Cream colors
  • Burgundy
  • Prints in the Six Neutral Colors

You can then add these into your wardrobe (after you have the six ultimate neutrals covered.) For example, leopard print shoes, a silver purse, or a burgundy sweater.

Lastly, you can then have ‘splurge’ on pops of colors for jewelry and scarves. For example, a hot pink scarf, an orange purse, or lime green shoes. Start off by sticking with basics to get the most mileage and budget bang, then add these levels (and layers).

Regardless if you get your shoes from Target or Tieks, or buy your clothes from Old Navy or Neiman Marcus. the advice applies. Stick with the six, and you will have a workable wardrobe that will function year day all year long!

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