Now that the weather is going from hot to cool, you’re probably wondering what shoes to wear to be hot and cool at the same time.

The big shoe trends for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 are simple and fun. Luckily for us Moms, comfort is key and we don’t have to sacrifice style to get it. I went to a blogger event sponsored by where we got to talk (shoe) shop; talking trends like athletic slip-on shoes so we can pop them on as we run out the door in the morning.

Find athletic shoes that are classic, like Converse sneakers, or have classic elements like suede. The Vans above have a great, classic pattern that would look good with sneakers, a dress or yoga pants.

Another trend is for booties. I love these by UGG because of the wedge and leather. You get the comfort without the clunk. It’s more sophisticated than the UGGs of your toddler or teenager.

It is a tricky trend though, so you may have to try a lot on before finding your great match. Depending on your ankle size and calf size, the shorty bootie may be better than the taller bootie and vice versa.

The last trend is embellishments. Instead of a basic black boot, look for a black boot with buckles. Instead of basic heels, find a pair with a zipper or grommets. Another big trend is quilting. This boot below hits a lot of the major fashion trends at once!

So, where can you see so many styles in one place? Plus get free shipping AND free return shipping so you can try on shoes to your heart’s content without dragging the kids to the shoe department at the mall? {I shudder just thinking about it.} Check out They have the latest styles, selections from boutique brands and big boys brands, as well as many more sizes and widths than a department store.

They also have lots of guys shoes and kid shoes for one stop shopping (plus jewelry, handbags, and apparel so you can coordinate with your new kicks). Where else can you get matching sneakers like these? (So cute, right?)

shoe trends for 2014

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