Sheriff Callie Toys

Yippee I oh, Yippee I yay. Are your kids super Sheriff Callie fans? Then you know that was just my attempt at the theme song! My kids are fans too, and when I saw the characters in Target recently, I knew that Sheriff Callie toys are finally arriving.

Whether it is little characters to play with, dress up outfits perfect for indoor play or Halloween, and even plush, your kiddos can finally get their Callie connection off the screen.

sheriff callie toys

Alternatively, there are great Minnie products too that correspond to the Minnie’s Bowtique show. These were my favorite finds because of the play potential, including the Minnie’s Sweet Surprises Kitchen.

minnie bowtique toys

I also really like the play opportunity with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse construction sets and tools!

mickey mouse clubhouse construction tools toys

Out of all of these, which is your favorite?

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