Sesame Street Supports the Spectrum

To combat the stigma and isolation so often experienced by children with autism – and the parents raising them – Sesame Street is embarking on a nation-wide initiative, “See Amazing in All Children.”

seeamazing sesame street autism initiative

Sesame Street has always seen the best in children, and has always encouraged its viewers to be open to diversity. In this initiative, however, they are not just focusing on diversity in ethnicity, religion or physical handicaps, but Sesame Street is focusing on the diversity of children with developmental delays.

Sesame Street Autism Initiative

The Sesame Street “See Amazing” website (that you can access here) has resources for friends and classmates of a child with autism, as well as for adults in understanding what parents go through raising a child with developmental delays. There are talking points and stories. All designed to show how to be a supportive friend, family member or sibling. Otherwise, the Sesame Street “See Amazing” resources bring to light not just the fact that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism, but how it can and will impact your life in some way, and how to address it and support it, when it does.

If you ever visit a Beaches Resort, which has their infamous Sesame Street Kid camps, their caregivers are trained to care for children of all abilities and they even offer one-on-one care for kids that need support at a reduced rate for families, and a culinary concierge for any food sensitivities. Families with a child on the spectrum can have a vacation, and time together, with support on a Beaches Resort vacation.

Big kudos to Sesame Street for understanding the impact autism has on families and the networks surrounding them. Share your amazing children by using the hashtag #seeamazing on social media and keep spreading the word that we are different, but we are also the same.

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