Toilet Paper Roll Art

Earth Month has come and gone, and many of you have such awesome ideas to keep the momentum going.

As you know, this Charlene Chronicles “Green” series has been the result of the new Scott Natural Tissue Campaign. In the past posts, I have shared information about the Scott Naturals Pledge on their website where they encourage people to pledge to “test-drive” their new Scott Natural Products. Then, if you pledge, you can enter to win a hybrid car. I have also mentioned another way to help the green effort is to click this URL, which will donate one dollar for every click up to $25,000 to the Natural Wildlife Foundation.

So thank you all for your support for these posts, for Scott Naturals, and for greater green living, but I began to wonder, since we have been talking a lot about toilet paper, what do you do with all those paper towel and toilet cardboard rolls?

Love to hear your ideas and if you leave a comment, I’ll giveaway another round of Scott Naturals products to say thanks! But to get your creative hat on, here is a post from with some toilet paper roll craft ideas: everything from making puppets, binoculars, and bird feeders. This post from DIYlife with filled with ideas for paper towel roll crafts. My personal favorite are the pretty cord keepers!

Great crafty ways to recycle and reuse long after the Scott Naturals product is gone.

Contest has ended. Congratulations to Gena!


Rules: (Gotta have them)

Leave a comment about this post; US entrants welcome. Include your name and email in the appropriate fields so I can contact you if you win.* (Including just first name or first name + last initial is OK!). Anonymous or SPAM-like comments will be discarded. Entry period closes at 11:59PM EST, Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

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*One lucky winner (drawn randomly via will receive the pack of Scott Natural Bath Tissue, Paper Towel, Flushable Moist Wipes and Napkins. The winner will be notified directly via e-mail, then listed back at this post using first name only.


Image Credit: My own.

Disclosure: I received some great Scott Natural Products too and the Scott Company, as well as The Motherhood, are being super nice to compensate me for my time!


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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    A super simple idea from my childhood–use a rubber band to hold a squar of wax paper over the end of a TP tube–it works like a kazoo. That’s all we did as kids, but think of gluing neatly and covering with paper or fabric to make cool party favors.

  2. We’ve pretty much ditched the paper towels, but as for the toilet paper rolls, we just recycle them with the rest of our cardboard!

  3. stephanie k says:

    when i was little we would put plastic wrap filled with glitter on the end to make a keiladascope! so prettty
    ps. i need toilet paper cause non of my roomies will buy any ever!

  4. A really awesome change we’ve made these past few months is beginning full recycling. I love it!

  5. I can use a paper towel rools on my vacuum cleaner to extend its reach. It works very well and you can reach drapes and other odd places

  6. kelley wood says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading all the above comments about mulit uses for paper towel rolls. My son loves to use them for telescopes!

  7. Lesley M. says:

    Our kids make robots out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls – and then we recycle them!

  8. We use them at Christmas and make toy soldier decorations using cereal boxes and paper towl tubes as the arms!

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