Save_Money_on_Wrapping_PaperI hate wrapping gifts and presents. It is so expensive. I’d rather put the money to the present rather than on the paper that will be torn off and thrown in the trash. Yet, the gift needs to be wrapped. So here are four ideas to save money on wrapping paper.

1. Shop for sales. After major holidays, the holiday gift wrap will go on sale. So snatch it up.

2. Save grocery bags. Take your grocery store’s brown paper bag and cut it up to wrap a gift. Have the kids color on it or add art work and stickers to give it pizazz. Perfect for the grandparents or your environmentally conscious friends.

3. Clip the newspaper. If you have a cousin whose birthday is on February 20th, grab the paper for February 20th and wrap their birthday present in it! Have a financial wiz for a friend? Wrap their gift in the Wall Street Journal Stock section. Is your sister super luxe? Wrap it in the lifestyle section. Very eco-friendly too!

4. Find gift bags and repurpose. I often find those little paper gift bags that are great for little trinkets or treats for a great deal, but the size is too small. Yet, if you cut it, you can turn it into the gift wrap you need and save some serious cash in the process.

See how it is done by watching the video below!

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  1. Those are all good tips. I repurpose gift bags. I also use reusable grocery bags and cheap totes to put gifts in rather than wrapping paper, so the recipient can have it to keep as well.

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