When you “admit” you had pizza for dinner, you feel guilty about it. Yet, there is one Pizza brand that takes the guilt out of having pizza, whether you have it for dinner, lunch or breakfast.

Rustic Crust is a New England based product, using local sources to boot, and they have an amazing line of natural pizza products from pizzasauce, ready-made pizzas and pre-made pizza dough (no rolling pin required). Sold at Whole Foods, Hannaford and more, they are wholesome goodness with organic and gluten-free options. (A vegan one is in the works.) It is also run by an amazingly talented gentleman. He was leading a company when I was folding sweaters in a department store.

I am the first to shy away from some of the natural pizza products because often they taste like cardboard. I am serious when I say, “not this one”. (I don’t mess with pizza). This tasted soooooo good when I got to try it at an event recently. Since we also received their product to take home, I tried it out the next night, convinced that it was the way they cooked it. I was expecting a major letdown when I made it myself at home. The result?

Continued pizza euphoria.

Images Courtesy of Rustic Crust

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