Breaking news everyone! I have signed up to run my 8th marathon! {Yup. I’m nuts.} But I should fit in with all the nutty cast and crew (like Chip and Dale) at Walt Disney World in Florida for the runDisney Marathon Weekend in 2015. It is a big deal to me if you have ever read my posts here.

I’ve got some time to get in shape, right?

I ran my second marathon in 2002 at Disney. Things were a lot different back then. Notably, I was not married and didn’t have any kids (which can really put a damper in training, just sayin’), but back then, the runDisney marathon and half-marathon were on the same day and time! The half marathoners just ended earlier.

Me finishing the Disney Marathon in January 2002.
Me finishing the Disney Marathon in January 2002.

Now, the amount of participants has grown exponentially. Even from 2012 to 2013, the total number of runners at runDisney events has grown almost 40%. Plus, runDisney has become one of the largest race organizers in the US with 8 events and over 160k runners each year (and growing.) In fact, runDisney added a new race: the Avengers Super Heroes Marathon Weekend taking place November 14-16, 2014.

Now the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend alone, is a several day affair including a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, people running all four, kids races, expos, and a whole lot more. So I’m excited to jump back in since 2008 when I ran my last marathon for Run for Research Team for the American Liver Society in the Boston Marathon. It will be a blast to see all the changes (including those to my own 40+ old body).

The fun runDisney change I see is the inclusion of families – making Mom or Dad’s run a family affair. They have lots of activities and events that include kids all weekend and even have kid fun runs. I love the concept of getting the kids exposed to running at an early age. Even if they never run a marathon, the fitness and healthy living exposure is important.

While most kids will just be excited to go on Space Mountain or the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, they’ll also be excited to join in on the kid races where they can get some Disney magic and medals too! Over 10,000 children participated in the kids’ runDisney races in 2013.

Disney has really expanded its fitness focus on kids – even launching the new Princess Cup for girl soccer players. It is for October 2014 for U9-U14:Even Age Groups. Check out for details.

So whether it is running, soccer or the other hosted and sponsored events by runDisney (I hope they put in a pool for us swimmers, synchronized swimmers and divers – check out the Wheaton College pool), there is a lot for all ages at Walt Disney World.

Check out my post here about my own recent runDisney run at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration that inspired my signing up for the marathon!

See you at the finish line!!

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