I dread the day my son gets sick, but when that day comes, I am so glad I have the Safety 1st Complete Family Thermometer.  I got this Thermometer as a token for participating in a focus group.  I have already tried it and think it is so nifty that I had to spread the word, even though no one asked me to do so.

It is important to take your baby’s temperature when he or she is not sick so you know what is “normal’ for your baby.  Therefore, when your baby becomes sick, you will have a basis point.  I took my baby’s temperature for three days in a row, three times a day (morning, noon and evening) so I could make sure I knew what was his average temperature.  Temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day so I wanted to know what were those fluctuations.  I also wanted to try the thermometer when I was not in a state of panic (and neither was he).

What is great about this thermometer is that it is a “3-n-1” thermometer.  It can be used orally, rectally or under the arm. You just insert which tip you want to use into the main probe and you are good to go. The main compartment stores the tips so you are never having to search for them. Genius!

But it gets better.

The tips each have unique designs so if you have to take the temperature rectally, for example, it makes it easy for you to take it safety.  It tells you when the batteries are low or when to clean the device.  It gives you a chart telling you when it is a fever based on whether you are checking the temperature rectally, orally or under the arm, and it recalls the last 10 readings.

It retails for around $40. With three thermometers in one and all the extras, it is priced right in my book.  It is a solid device too and the display section is easy to read.  It lights up really well at night. You’ll dread having to use it, but when you do, it is a great device and makes the process so easy.  So if you are looking for a thermometer to put on your registry or looking for a registry gift, this is top notch.

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