Over the summer, I got the opportunity to try out some great products from Rhoost™.

Rhoost™ is a fabulous company with a fantastic product line from two uber-talented women (and I mean uber-talented.) For over two months, I tried them out at our charming house, at Grandma and Grandpa’s swanky pad and on our family vacation too. So this product has seen it all my friends!

The quick 411 on Rhoost™ is that they are an effective and stylish and eco-friendly solution to child-proofing. (Seriously, why shouldn’t those go hand-in-hand?) So no surprise that they are award winners and magazine darlings for their sweet line of edge/corner protectors, decoy outlet covers and sling cabinet locks. You can find these at local retailers like Magic Beans (4 Boston area locations) and Giggle (Dedham, Legacy Place).

Personally, I went gaga over the sling cabinet locks and wanted to share why I think they are pure-safety-awesomeness. So after thinking about it, I thought it best to show you why I liked it, rather than write about it. While I dislike being on camera <sigh> and my video is clearly low budget <snort>, I want to share IRL (which means In Real Life for you lingo challenged souls) why I think this product is deserving of the accolades!

It is my longest video at over 5 minutes (I am still learning how to video edit and talk faster), but it is packed with safety goodness. So grab some coffee (or some wine so you will think I look better) and learn more about this rad-product called Rhoost™.


PS. I got to keep the Rhoost products, which was a good thing since they would have had to pry them out of my hands….

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  1. I just watched the whole thing! 🙂 And you totally convinced me to try it. The lobster claw and I have a love/hate relationship, so I’m actually excited to try it!

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