Ideas on How You Can Reuse a Halloween Costume

reuse a halloween costumeWe all know that kids speed through their clothes. It seems like they wear a pair of jeans once and they outgrow them. Halloween costumes are even worse. Just a couple of hours of wearing time and there goes $20+ dollars out the window.

So here are a couple tips on how to reuse a Halloween costume and get the most bang for your buck.

  1. Wear more than once. Wear the costume to the neighborhood halloween party, the pre-halloween event at the mall, to the grocery store. Whenever you can put it on your child without getting strange looks (or even if you do), put it on.
  2. Handmake a costume. See what existing clothes you can repurpose (i.e. those old jeans mentioned above.) Tape old candy wrappers and say you’re a movie theatre floor. Or take a box, cut a hole for arms and legs, and make colored squares all over. Then say you’re a Rubiks Cube.
  3. Shop consignment. Head to your local consignment shop or thrift store. Often there are costumes consigned or donated since someone else’s kid has outgrown last year’s costume.
  4. Participate in Costume Swaps. This National Costume Swap that has a variety of locations across the country where folks can participate in a costume swap. Bring a gently used costume and leave with one. This website also has great green halloween tips and costume ideas.

Do you have any ideas to share?

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