Residence Inn BostonTraveling as a family has added complications compared to when traveling for business or as a couple. The primary consideration is feeding a family of four (or more), and if you have a baby, add in breast milk and formula considerations. Sharing a room means you are subject to your kids’ schedules. No watching TV or chatting once the lights go out. So you’re crowded out of a traditional hotel room and spending a fortune on restaurants.

There is one big reason (though there are lots as I mentioned in this post) that staying in a Residence Inn makes sense if you are a family: the kitchen. Large refrigerators, microwaves, stove top and even a dishwasher. Plus, having breakfast or packing lunches can save you money – making the expensive souvenirs more affordable. But don’t worry – you can still feel like you are on vacation. Residence Inn staff will do the grocery shopping for you and will load and unload the dishwasher. They even have laundry facilities so no going home with a pile of laundry or having to pack 20 baby onesies because of possible spit ups and blowouts. So you can go on vacation and still feel like you are getting a vacation – a rare feat when you have kids.

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  1. yes, if you can also try to do late check out so you don’t forget anything in the check out rush

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