Nothing like seeing the gorgeous gowns, designer shoes and dazzling jewels to wish you were walking the red carpet at the Oscars! Yet, they sweated and sacrificed to shimmy into that figure fitting gown. While it is unlikely that many of us will have the same occasion to wear a designer cut gown, the fact of the matter is that skinny jeans still are a fashion must-have in our daily wardrobe! So follow their lead (and then reward yourself with a designer handbag the day after!)

To make sure your body is ready for your own version of a (daily) red carpet, use your Oscar watching time as a fun workout with these exercises inspired by FITWEEK.


Red Carpet Workout

1. If you like the dress the actress is wearing, do 10 jumping jacks (to act like you are jumping up and down in excitement!)

2. If you don’t like the dress, stand up and do 10 cross body jabs alternating between the right and left arms (because that actress should be slapped silly for picking that dress!)

3. On commercial breaks, put on your fanciest heels. Then do squats. If you get tired before the commercials are over, kick off your heels and bend over for a nice stretch (and contemplate your pedicure.)

4. When the actor or actress appears whom you think is going to win, do 10 leg kicks, alternating legs.

5. Whenever they ask “Who are you wearing?”, do 10 sit-ups.

6. When they use the Mani cam, grab hand weights and do 12 reps of biceps curls using both arms.

7. When they use the 360 cam, stand up and do 10 side leg lifts for each leg.

Then make sure to sip water with lemon during your Oscar viewing extravaganza. Drink it out of a champagne glass and toast the winners!

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