Awards season is here and it’s time to kick it off with this weekend’s Golden Globes. A-Listers and party-goers are getting red-carpet and camera ready with simple solutions that are fun, fast, and fresh. As Moms though, these portable beauty products not only will make you red carpet ready or date night ready, but also ready for the glamorous Mom life we lead (LOL). So, get inspired alongside Hollywood to freshen up and pucker up for that awards season with these portable red-carpet ready beauty tools, and be ready for a close up. (Even if it is at school pickup or the Mommy-and-me ballet class.)

red carpet ready glam looks

    • Super fun and friendly Hello Breath Spray will freshen breath in one quick and delicious spray for any on-the-spot interviews and party conversations. An especially important mom-must have when you rush out the door and forget to brush your teeth.
    • Keep hair camera-ready and knot free when you don’t have time for a shower, with The Wet Brush, the original purse-sized tool.
    • Beauty is balance – stay hydrated during show time (and Mom time) with Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water to keep skin radiantly glowing for every camera flash and playground appearance.
    • Pop an eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere in your clutch to keep your pout picture perfect, especially for those little kisses you give to your kids.
    • The Umberto Hairspray is a pint-sized powerhouse delivers a firm hold for a red carpet bus stop style that will last all day.

    So even if you watch all of the award shows in your yoga pants, at least a couple of these in your clutch, purse, tote bag or diaper bag, will make you feel a bit more Hollywood posh the next time you hit the grocery store.

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