As a work-at-home Mom, I don’t have the need to dress up on a daily basis. Why sit at home in my designer jeans and Equipment silk shirt?

I was ESTATIC when I saw these Rag & Bone Pajama Jeans. Yes, they are sweatpants. Not to be confused with Jeggings, which, by the way, I loved, until they started doing those stupid commercials and knock-offs. {Totally ruined a good thing.}

So, I had to get a pair of these “Pajama” Jeans, and when I wore them for the first time, friends were shocked that they were sweatpants. They had to feel them to believe it! These sweatpants look like the real jeans deal, but I can lounge in comfort at home. (They are ridiculously soft.) Yet, when I have to run to do errands, I feel less self-conscious that I am wearing sweats. I can throw on a pair of heels, and a t-shirt and rock it in the grocery line or at school pickup when I have to be in public. Yet, when I am at home working, I’m cozy and comfy.

rag & bone/JEAN ‘Pajama Jean’ Print Sweatpants (Sheffield)Rag & Bone Pajama Jeans

I’m not sure what to call them. Maybe my “Seans”? Or my Sweat Jeans? They are officially the Rag & Bone Pajama Jeans. Though I think they are way to nice too sleep in, but then again, they are so comfortable that I could see taking a nap! There are two versions: Rainier and Sheffield – one is darker and the other lighter.

What ever you call them, it is true that these Rag and Bone sweatpants are not cheap. (Though Nordstrom currently has them for 20% off.) Yet, if you are already plunking down $100 for Lululemon pants and $150 for a pair of designer jeans, get these instead for an all-in-one solution. Plus, since I wear them more often than not, its wearable cost makes them a steal!

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  1. I guess it was only a matter of time until someone thought of this idea! It’s cool that it’s coming from a designer like Rag & Bone! Since I’m only in leggings on the weekends, these pants/seans are quite intriguing, and the lighter pair is more to my liking! I’m a huge fan of versatile staples of clothing and this seems like it could be dressed up or down which is awesome for Moms on the go!

  2. I am in love. I don’t care what you call them, I want them.

  3. Wow! Rag and Bone makes sweats that look like jeans?!? Ok, maybe I’ll have to reconsider my whole pajama jean attitude because these look amazingly soft and comfortable and perfect for fall!

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