When I knew I was going to have a gender reveal party, Punchbowl invitations were a must.

I thought about paper invitations initially (they can be really pretty and snazzy), but since it was going to be more than just your average party, I knew that static paper wouldn’t cut it with the changing guest list and time adjustments. Paper invitations can stretch the party budget since you have to pay for the invitations and stamps. Let alone all the work addressing envelopes. Plus, who doesn’t like to go green and save some trees?

So, Punchbowl was my party-invite savor, but they also rock in other ways.

First, Punchbowl is a local Massachusetts-based company, so I love that there is that connection. I have used them before for other invitations and have always loved the designs and the easy-peasy full-functionality of the site.

Second, when planning my Gender Reveal Party, I couldn’t find a Gender Reveal Party theme. Lot’s a great baby shower themes, but those didn’t cut it. (I’m kinda past the ducky stage.) So one day, I wrote to them and suggested Gender Reveal designs be added to their repertoire. Anyone can do so, and they welcome feedback all the time. (What company do you know that does that?) Within a week, they had some fabulous Gender Reveal Party Designs. I was ecstatic: fabulous company, cool designs, save some trees, the ability to change things as the party planning progressed, and a great section for party details.

This is the design I chose: Simple. Modern.

Since you can customize the text, I took out “Baby Shower” and put in “Party”. Then I linked directions, provided a diatribe of party details, let folks comment on the party to create buzz and connect with each other.

You can also share details on registries, let people add friends, organize invitees by groups (husband and wife for example), or plan a potluck.  Needless to say, everything is covered and your dashboard is like party central where you can manage guests, add more guests (and, err, delete some guests), remind them to respond, send private messages, thank them for coming or send emails asking about food allergies. You name it, it is there. (And if it is not – tell them – they listen!)

You can even pick your own “stamp”, change the font and saying on the envelope, which opens to reveal your invitation. (It is really funky – you have got to see it in action.) Here is what my envelope looked like. (Notice the stamp? How perfect is that!)

A lot of the Punchbowl designs are free, but you can purchase membership to get access to other designs and functionality, like advertisement-free invitations. The cost is reasonable, especially since it covers thank you cards, birthday cards, just because cards, personal, business, etc. Seriously, the next time you have to plan a kid’s birthday party, want to send a card to a best friend, plan a work event or a summer BBQ, Punchbowl is it. So go bookmark them. Like, now. I’ll wait.

Awesome! Now join me at my Gender Reveal Twitter Party and maybe you’ll win the $100 Premium Punchbowl membership! You can plan your baby shower, share your registry, send thank you notes, announce the arrival of the baby, announce the baby’s name, plan your baby’s first birthday party…. (See, I told you they rock!)






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