Protecting Your Baby’s Eyes From the Sun

There are a lot of cute accessories we buy our babies; everything from fabulous hair bows, fuzzy boots and adorable shoes. Yet, one super cute and trendy look is actually beneficial to our growing babies’ eyes: sunglasses.

You may think, “Sunglasses in the winter?” Yes!

It is not just the scorching rays of a hot summer sun that can harm your eyes. The sun still emits harmful UVA rays in the winter too. Add white snow and the bright white glare off freshly fallen snow can be blinding. So protecting your baby’s eyes from the sun all year long and year after year is essential.

Protecting Baby’s Eyes from the Sun

According to Dr. Michael Johnson, a VSP Vision Care doctor in California, “We get 75-80% of our UV exposure before we turn 18, so it’s especially important that kids wear sunglasses from an early age.”

So here are some tips for buying kids’ sunglasses, regardless of the season:

  • Buy wrap-around frames that block rays coming in from the side, and a strap to help keep sunglasses on.
  • Look for a UV protection sticker. Then you’ll know the glasses will actually protect your child’s eyes and aren’t just toy sunglasses.
  • Select polarized or dark lenses that block about 75-80% of light—you shouldn’t be able to see your child’s eyes through the lenses.
  • Choose lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses for extra active kids.

Keep them in your diaper bag so you are ready anytime you head outdoors. While stroller covers do a great job off blocking the sun, the sun’s rays can reflect up from the pavement or snow. So it is important to have your baby wear sunglasses even when in a covered stroller.

When traveling in the car, consider purchasing a shade for the window to minimize the sun’s UV rays too. Hats not only protect your babies’ skin and sensitive scalp, it does help cut down on the sun’s rays.

Also check with your vision service plan or pediatrician to determine when you should start yearly vision checkups to ensure that your baby’s eyes are developing well.

So, as you pull together those holiday presents and stocking stuffers, consider picking up a pair. And ask Santa for a new pair for you too!


Disclosure: This is a post is part of my compensated VSP Ambassadorship! Images are my own. 

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