STEM Toys: Project MC2 Dolls

There is a new line of dolls that are inspired by the Netflix series Project MC2, which follows four girls that are undercover spies using science and math to solve their challenges. The premise is to show that girls can be interested in those careers and subjects.

This line of math and science-loving dolls comes with its own experiment kit – making these Project MC2 dolls fall under the category of STEM toys. Plus, with names like Adrienne Attoms (talent: chemistry) and Bryden Bandwedth (talent: technology), these dolls were designed to have “different body types and faces to show that not everyone is blonde and tall,” says Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA. The dolls are priced around $15 each, and can be found at retailers like Walmart and Target and (affiliate link) Amazon.

Project MC2 dolls McKeyla McAlister Charlene Chronicles copyThere are four total and the names, in addition to the ones mentioned above, are McKeyla McAlister (talent: leader) and Camryn Coyle (talent: construction).

So if you are looking for a doll that encourages STEM thinking and awareness, then this is the one to get. Plus, I got to thinking, if I were a Project MC2 doll, what would I wear? Then I came up with this outfit inspired by McKeyla. Now, I should go and conduct a science experiment of my own: making dinner.

Project MC2 Doll Inspired Outift

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