We all have the comfy underwear in our panty drawers. Maybe you have a Victoria Secret stash or a Hanes pile from Target. Get outside your comfort zone and start using those ‘date night’ panties everyday. Better, yet, pick up one of these five pair of panties to create a unique boutique in your own bedroom.

Unique Boutique Underwear

Instead of the basic black or simple nude panties, make sure you have an animal print. It will work with those black and nude bras you have, yet adds more pizazz. Having a brief in your drawer is great for those comfort days or if you like more coverage. But there is nothing Mama-like with this print that glams them up.


I hate to break it to you, but you should have a thong in your panty drawer. If you are wearing tight pants or leggings when you aren’t covering your butt with an oversized shirt or sweater, we can see your panty lines and that is not cool. But spice up the basic thong with a find like this. Uber sexy. Whip it out for date night too. {Wink.}

Instead of basic panty or thong, opt for a girly take on boxers. This is cute under a pair of yoga pants on a Saturday. Grab the matching bra for a super sweet PJ set.

Boyshorts are another must-have staple in your panty stash. Up the hot factor by grabbing a lace pair. These are gorgeous.

Lastly, these aren’t your grandmother’s bloomers. They aren’t your average panty staple, which is all the more reason it should be in your lingerie drawer. With the sheer fabric, there is nothing old fashion about these!

Find which style works for you, and then have a couple of extra styles from which to choose to keep your undergarments varied. Even if you stick to hi-cut or boyshorts on a daily basis, try to find great colors, interesting fabrics to have a unique boutique of panties everyday! And check out my other lingerie favorites and bra favorites!

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