There are a lot of indignities in being pregnant, as I have discussed here and here. But one of the things you have to do in pregnancy, that no one tells you about, is to take a prenatal vitamin that makes you want to gag.

They are the size of a small horse (only somewhat kidding) and/or leave a horrible aftertaste. I’m in my second pregnancy and I have been through many days of gulping down one of those bad boys. And it is not during pregnancy too. If you breastfeed, your doctor will still want to you take them. Thus, on last count, I have had to swallow 660 prenatal vitamins (and still counting.)

That total doesn’t include the DHA vitamins I take too, and if there is an alternative, I try it. Such as currently sneaking my son’s DHA gummy vitamins because I hate taking my own version.

When I was at a recent conference, I learned about a new pre-natal vitamin that is, for once, not a chewable or a pill. It is a prenatal vitamin drink mix, with DHA, called Premama. (The company is based in Rhode Island).

It is gluten-free, kosher, nut/egg/fish/sulfite free. It does have a trace of dairy and soy if that is a concern. You can mix with water, but since it is flavorless, I mix mine with orange juice in the morning. Any cold beverage will do. It looks like this.


Just tear open a packet and mix!

Since it has all of the ingredients a woman of child-bearing age (as they say) need, it is a great everyday vitamin alternative, but check with your doctor to make sure it contains everything you need before, during and post-pregnancy.


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  1. These look good. I can’t take any of the traditional ones as they bug my tummy. Rainbow makes one that’s gentle, but it’s still big. The chewables don’t contain calcium or iron… Would love to try these!

  2. I don’t like regular prenatal vitamins, they make me gag and sick to my stomach if I don’t take them with food! I take the gummy ones now, they taste good at least. These might be worth a try!

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