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My son is now 6 months old.  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by.

While there was a lot I did not like about my pregnancy. (Hello, swollen ankles!) There was one thing I loved about it. It was the attention. The feeling of specialness that was bestowed upon me when I walked waddled, belly first, through a door. The glow that radiated from me as I proudly proclaimed I was going to be a Mom.

When I walk through the door now, it is stroller first and, well, let’s just say I hope the door does not slam me on the way in. What radiates from me now is smell of regurgitated spitup and if I proudly proclaim that I am a Mom, no one really gives a hoot.

Unless you are at Isis Maternity.


Isis Maternity?? (It says maternity.)

Yeah, I know.

But you just said you are a Mom.

Yeah, I know.

So why are you going to a Maternity store when you aren’t pregnant?

——–<Sigh> Therein lies the problem.

Isis Maternity is known for its maternity know-how.  In fact, it is the number one childbirth educator in the country. From breastfeeding 101 to childbirth 101, hundreds of Moms and Hospitals refer Isis Maternity as a great pregnancy resource.

Yet, Isis is more than pregnancy and childbirth support.  It is support from Maternity to Mom.

Maternity is just a part of Isis. In addition to the childbirth and infant prep classes, there are classes for newborns, infants, and toddlers. There are playgroups and music groups, new moms groups and new dads groups. There are breastfeeding support groups, sleep support groups, toddler toys and newborn essentials.  All in all, Isis has it covered.  Yet, its name did not cover it all.

Clearly, there was a disconnect.  So Isis Maternity decided to become Isis Parenting. The name reflects the company’s wide range of pre-natal to postpartum support services and products. The new logo replaces the old one, which was a young woman’s silhouette.  This new logo is more inclusive to dads, grandparents and the children themselves.  While Isis has a new logo and a new name, it is still the same great company for parents and kids to age 3.

I am an Isis Mom.  I began my Isis journey in the New Mom’s program when my son was just 4 weeks old.  I walked into the center on a chilly November morning – sleep deprived and overwhelmed.  I left still sleep deprived, but re-energized.  It was here that I felt special. It was here that I felt like someone understood what I was going through and could give me the non-judgmental emotional and educational support to get through each day.  Each week, the class got me out of the house. It made me learn to navigate a stroller, car seat, and diaper bag when I used to carry a fancy purse the size of a postage stamp. Now my gear is a whole postal code.

I made great friends, and continue to meet great people, that I hope will extend beyond our children’s first birthdays.  For many Isis grads, the friendships are part of the Isis experience.  For me, it was also the things I learned: Feeding facts, travel tips, and sleep strategies. Which sling to try, stroller to handle, pacifier to get, swaddle to soothe and toy to dangle. It was because of Isis that I got to breastfeed longer than I thought, got my son to sleep longer than I could have imagined, and learned play ideas to use at home.

All I can say is that I probably would be the Mom I am without Isis.  But I can say that I am happier Mom with Isis.

So if you are a soon-to-be parent, a new parent, a parent of 2 or more, or a parent of three years and have not yet experienced Isis, go to their website.  Head to one of their 4 Boston area locations (Arlington, Brookline, Boston, Needham) for a drop-in playgroup or to ask for suggestions for a new toy.  Better yet, take a look at their extensive class schedule and sign up for one. But note that these are not your ordinary classes.  Take a look at the staff. These are child development experts. The classes and seminars are top-notch.

When you are there, you will understand why many of us make Isis part of our parenting experience. It’s because Isis Parenting makes us all feel extraordinary: spitup, tantrums and all.

Therein lies the specialness of Isis…and I am so happy to be a part of the family.

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As a Boston Mom Blogger in Massachusetts, Charlene DeLoach doesn't care about the megapixels on a smartphone. She only cares about whether it will survive being in the hands of her kids.


  1. I couldn’t possibly agree more. My Great Beginnings class was such a blessing and a lifesaver. Between Isis and my Moms of Twins Club… I think that’s what made my kids’ infancy an overall positive time. Without those two things, I can only imagine how lost I would have felt.

  2. Anonymous says

    Isis (now) Parenting really is a happy place. I wish I’d taken advantage of the community when I had the chance. But I can still buy stuff from them. My 4yo picked out the most awesome turtle nightlight ever when we were there yesterday. It projects stars onto the ceiling!

  3. Isis (now) Parenting really is a happy place. I wish I’d taken advantage of the community when I had the chance. But I can still buy stuff from them. My 4yo picked out the most awesome turtle nightlight ever when we were there yesterday. It projects stars onto the ceiling!


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