Pregnancy BellyDealing with pregnancy myths is one thing, dealing with pregnancy symptoms is another.

You know those times when you wake up and wonder where the heck you are? Why you are wearing one sock, a hat and nothing else?

For those of you that have experienced that, you must have had some great college years. I can only blame it on my pregnancy.

The hot flashes, which explains the no clothes. The cold flashes, which I guess explains the one sock and hat. The itchy skin, the nose bleeds, the dry mouth one minute and the drool the next, or the nausea one minute and the binge eating the other. I finally realized that many of these symptoms was like the aftermath of a raging party. Sadly, the only party that one is having in this house right now is the baby I am currently pregnant with and whom is currently kicking me in my bladder. (I’m a little nervous that the smell of pee may not be a figment of my imagination.)

Recently on Twitter, my Metrowest Mamas Facebook page, and my Charlene Chronicles Facebook page, I asked many of you what pregnancy symptoms do you remember the most? Here’s what you many of you stated: vomiting, bed rest, need for naps, bladder kicks, irritable uterus, kicked ribs, pinched nerves, gum bleeds, sleepless nights, people commenting on your size, fatigue, mood swings, and many more!

Fun times, right?

Oh, but if you haven’t been pregnant before, don’t worry. About 99% of us would say it is all worth it. The other 1% just can’t be reached for comment.

If you didn’t get to weigh in before, do share all the lovely symptoms that you didn’t see coming in your past (or current) pregnancy. Misery loves company and it will make it seem more like a raging party after all.

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