Anyone who has ever been pregnant, has at one point craved something, somewhere at sometime. Whether something as simple as ice cream, as specific as mint chocolate chip ice cream or as strange as ice cream with relish toppings.

With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any bizarre cravings but I did have two consistent ones. I had to have a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone everyday and had to have in the house at all times a bag of Trader Joes Olive Oil Popcorn.

With my second pregnancy, I crave lemonade. All…the…time. Grapefruit juice will sometimes be a decent substitution, but if my husband asks if I want apple juice, I may snap at him. The nature of hormones my friends.

However, there are times I eat something different. It is less of a craving and more of an ‘unusual take on the ordinary’. As I progress throughout the next few months, I’ll post pictures of the interesting things I ate. If you are squeamish, you may want to look the other way.


Pregnancy Cravings

Do share your past or present cravings. Maybe you will inspire my next snack!

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  1. When I was pregnant, the mashed potato and cheese stuffed quesadilla served at the Mexican restaurant across the street from my office was my daily craving. Yum.

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