If you are a Blogger – one that is not paid by a big corporation – you know that Facebook’s changes these past three months has made it really hard for us to have a small blogging business (think Mom Bloggers). More and more of Facebook’s redesign for Pages is geared to big companies, but at our expense.

Literally. (Think “Facebook Promote”. Y’all have seen that on your Pages, right? Along with the % of people that have seen your Page status update and how it is nowhere near your total number of fans?)

Why ‘Blogs” can’t be exempt from these new Facebook algorithms, doesn’t make sense to me.

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So we have to play with the big wigs and fight for our work to be seen. Whether you tweet, post, or publish, you need to encourage your fans to like a status update on your Facebook Page. Which is somewhat an oxymoron because they may not see that post asking them to like a status update so they can see your daily posts. (Did you follow that Facebook logic?) But one must try.

You should also ask for them to add your Page to their favorites, which they can do by visiting your Facebook Brand Page, clicking on the drop down button and adding your Page to their favorites. (This especially is for Brand Page to Brand Page.)


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Or another option for regular fans is to have them visit your Facebook Page, hover over the “Like” button and make sure the “Show in News Feed” option is checked.

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This, as far as I know, are the only ways to encourage our followers and fans to get our stuff seen on a daily basis (without having to fork over cash). Another way for Facebook to give you some ‘wall space’ in your fan’s feed, is to post and post often. Think every 2-3 hours. Again, tough to do if you are a Mom, but like I said above, Facebook is not really Mom Blogger friendly. (And still is not going to get all your fans.)

Big companies want to work with Mom Bloggers and realize the value of what we do. I just hope Facebook realizes that too. And perhaps these companies for which we work on campaigns and ambassadorships, and want us to reach out to our fans on their behalf through our Fan Pages, can help change the rules back. It would benefit us all.

Granted, not every Blogger cares – as they just want Fans (i.e. the numbers), but I like the engagement with the people that “Like” my two Facebook pages (Metrowest Mamas and Charlene Chronicles). I like chatting with them, learning from them and sharing ideas, tips and experiences.¬†Plus, I also think engagement shows PR companies and brands more influence in our work, which is key for ROI. So I hope this works!

Do you have any Facebook tips?

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  1. Charlene – I am so frustrated with the Facebook craziness, but that was a very helpful post – thank you for sharing! I’ve googled the heck out of terms like “Make Fans See Posts” and then out of nowhere Carole Baker from SAH dropped this link in my lap. Much obliged!

  2. Jamie – glad you found it and tell Carole thank you for sharing! Hopefully it all works for us!

  3. excellent excellent post. thank you so much. to be frank, i haven’t even been paying attention to what happens on FB lately. I just can not stand it THAT much.

  4. PragmaticMom says:

    Thanks Charlene. I’m having trouble keeping up with Facebook as it morphs and I was never that good at it in the first place. Your tips are very helpful!

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