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While I have written a post before about the awesomeness of Boston-based Posh Peacock, I had to write another post on the newest cards from her collection and the powerful story (I shed a lot of tears) behind them.

Posh Peacock is donating 100% of the purchase proceeds of these featured card designs to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research. The inspiration is a woman named Sarah Feather, who lost her battle with ovarian cancer last month at the age of 39. She leaves behind a wonderful husband and two darling little boys. While her love lingers with all that knew her, these cards are a tribute to her beauty (inside and out), as well as a way Posh Peacock designer Christine Koh can honor Sarah’s memory and her love for aqua, pink and clovers.

The match-up equates to these stunning cards. Simply beautiful in either form.

I love the “Hello, Gorgeous” title on the aqua and pink cards, but the yellow and gray scheme on the other set is simply divine too.

The elegance transcends beyond the card to a stylish envelope match-up with a pop of pink or burst of sunny yellow. Since I believe in the power of a written card, even in the world of blogs and social media, having either set on hand to write a simple note to a friend or elegant prose to a family member is a smart move. Even smarter is they are printed on 100% recycled content using soy and vegetable-based inks. From what I hear, the smart beauty of these cards are the same descriptives used to describe Sarah.

So I hope you will consider adding these cards to your stationary collection, as well as know that each purchase can inspire, honor and treasure Sarah and all women fighting to make a difference in their battles with cancer.


It would have been an honor to have met Sarah, but it is an honor to know Christine and her generous heart and love for friends.

Image Credit: PoshPeacock.com


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