Boy playing with iPadIf you have a child that loves planes, cars, boats and trains, then you should definitely look into a new app called Planes by Byron Barton.

Since I have a two year old boy that somehow has been pre-programmed from birth to have a natural passion for cars, trucks, planes and trains; any product that has one of those things in it, is an instant hit. But when it combines both planes AND technology, he is in toddler boy heaven.

When I first looked at the app, I knew he would go crazy for it. Why? Because planes fly across the screen, and he can direct the flying with his finger. Trucks, helicopters, boats and people enter the picture too. Bright primarily colors capture interest and with a tap of his finger on the object, the narrator will cite the name of the item. As I Mom, I like the fact that at the bottom of the screen, a sentence appears describing the scene, with the narrator reading the sentence out loud, while the program highlights the coordinating word.

All in all, the Mom in me loves the educational aspect and the hand/eye coordinating it fosters. He loves the fact that the colorful airplane is flying and makes airplane noises.

The app may seem a bit simple to an adult, but it does seem suited for the age range it is designed for, which is 2-6 years of age. A two year old will love the colors and the flying objects, while the 6 year old will enjoy the story and reading element. There are no advertisements that encourage toddlers to click and the home screen button is shadowed too.

For just 99 cents in the Apple iTunes store, it is a fantastic entertaining and educational toddler and pre-school app for the iPad and iPhone. To see my video review, click here!


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  1. Love Byron Barton books – I wish we had an iPad!!!

  2. Does it work on iPod touch too? I like the interactive ebooks a lot. This one sounds great.

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