Disney for PreschoolersMy son had his first Pirate experience at the Pirates League at Walt Disney World last month! Let me just say that he is four and has a minor interest in Pirates; mainly Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Thus, I was not sure if scheduling an appointment at the Pirates League Disney World was such a great idea, but I wanted to check it out. Thanks to a complementary #DisneyKids trip I was on, Disney arranged for my son to have the experience. So if we had to walk out, there wouldn’t be the same pressure if we had arranged it ourselves. So we went, to give you the information you need to make sure your child is ready for the Pirates League Disney World experience.

Pirates League Review

The Pirates League is right next door to Pirates of the Carribean ride in Adventure Land in the Magic Kingdom. You check in and the kids get to sign the Pirate book where they pick their special ‘pirate name’ next to a Treasure chest! From the get go, in true Disney Fashion, you feel transported to ‘ARRRRR‘ land. It really helped my preschooler get into the spirit (and feel less frightened) about the experience as he liked signing his name and looking at the Treasure Chest. Also, the Disney cast were really fun too, so everything helped ease him into the next room, which had the Pirate chairs for the pirate-make-over!

Pirates League Disney Review

Pirates League Costumes

There are a few Pirate ‘costumes’ from which to choose. Preschoolers will love Jake from the Neverland Pirates. It comes with a Jake Bandana and faux hair, a sword and sheath, a pirate bag and tattoo and a coin necklace. It has minimal face painting (and you could forgo it all together, just ask) if your child has sensitive skin or sensitivity issues. The faux hair/bandana headpiece is easy to take off, so if your preschooler doesn’t want to wear it, no worries. They will still have the fun sword and pirate necklace to feel pirate-y the rest of the day. Also, the hair/headpiece is a fun dress up piece for when they get home!

For girls, the Pirates League has the “Empress”. It has makeup, a face gem, nail polish, a bandana, earring or eye patch, pirate bag, coin necklace, pirate tattoo, and a sword/sheath. A perfect girl pirate. They also have a mermaid which comes with makeup, hair styling and coloring, color changing mermaid necklace, nail polish, mermaid t-shirt and tutu, and mermaid sash. Seeing these two options for girls were great and major kudos to Disney for having them.

The other Pirates are definitely for the heartier swashbuckler, and for kids, in my opinion, 5+ years old. There are five first mate looks – you just choose your facial effect like a painted beard, mustache, skeleton, etc: Cursed Pirate, Captain Hook, Captain Jack, Blackeyed Jack. All come with a bandana, earring or eye patch, pirate bag, coin necklace, pirate tattoo, and a sword/sheath. These are definitely, true, pirate looks.

Pirates League Age, Timing and Other Policies

Kids must be at least three to experience the Pirates League, and adults 18+ must be with kids at all times. There is also a daily Adventureland Area Parade where new Pirate recruits can show their swagger and daggers! Just check with the desk for the times, weather permitting. The Pirate League experience lasts about 30-45 minutes. Why so long? Well, there is a lot of work that goes into being a pirate! But, in reality, the Disney Cast shouts for all new Pirates as they join the crew, and there is a oath ceremony and a treasure chest ceremony. I was sworn to secret so I can’t tell. (Wink.) So there is more Disney magic than just the time in the pirate primping chair! And a little tip for girls: make sure to have hair combed and ready to be styled. Also, make sure to have bare nails so the polish can be applied!

Pirates League Cancellation Policy

You’ll get charged a $10 fee if you don’t show up or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.

Pirates League Cost

At the time of this post, the Pirate/Empress package cost is $29.99 and up. For the Jake package, it’s $44.95 +tax. For the Mermaid package, it is $74.95 +tax. Call 407-WDW-CREW to book!

Pirates League Tips

My suggestion is to make sure your child likes pirates, whether a Jake fan or Pirates generally. Then, when you book your appointment in advance of your trip, book the Pirate League makeover for a couple of days into your Disney stay. That way, on the first day at Magic Kingdom during your vacation, you can swing by the Pirates League and look around to make sure your child is comfortable with the concept. If they are excited, then keep your appointment for later in your trip. Plus, on the day of the makeover, the Disney Pirate Cast will definitely ease your child into a great experience.

A good Disney Day!



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  1. Thanks fr the insigt. my daughter and I will go in August and I wanted to sneak a bit more info as to what is included for girls.

  2. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    This sounds like a fun league!

  3. We haven’t been to Disneyland/world yet… and your posts just amaze me! So many fun things to do!
    Pirate League sounds really fun, I know my boys would love it! And it’s a lot more affordable than I thought it would be.
    I bet your son is a fan of pirates now 🙂

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