I am always looking for adorable little pouches and bags to stash my handbag must-haves and travel go-tos. While I adore Louis Vuitton cosmetic bags, and my Prada pouch, I found some trendy pouches that are perfect for adults, as they are for kids.

Yes, technically they are for kids (and for kid snacks actually), but think outside the snack pouch and you’ll realize, quickly, that these are perfect for us! With the popularity of Superheros (and Wonder Woman!) these are adorable accessory additions.

makeup pouch purse

Makeup Pouch For Purses

Stash your makeup brushes or your headphones. Put in your lipstick and mints or pens and paper. Or use it for your snacks on the go and the handy things you need in your handbag. Pull it out from your bag and you’ll get the ooh-and-aahs and envies from your besties. Then the inevitable question of ‘Where did you buy that?” will ensue.

These washable and waterproof bags are from Bumkins – a brand known for super sweet cloth diapers, swim covers and dishware for kids. Add these pouches to the lineup, and kids will love them in their lunch box, as much as we will love them as a pouch in our purses.

They have Dr. Seuss and Doc McStuffins, Superman and Batman, Princesses and Jake the Pirate, and Minnie and Mickey Mouse, to name a few (including Winnie the Pooh.) They can be washed for those lipstick smears, and are waterproof for any perfume mishaps, and protect your high-end Hermes from pens and more.

So pick up a two pack set for $7 on Bumkins.com or on (affiliate link) Amazon.com, and be ready for a colorful and classically trendy way to hit the road.

(And when you do, don’t forget super cute swim covers for the kids!)

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